Mobile Patrol & Response


Mobile Patrol & Response Teams (MPRTs) are assisting our clients at anytime (24/7) and anywhere (in transit or on site) in case of safety or traffic related issues.

The Mobile Patrol & Response Teams (MPRTs) perform the following tasks at any given time:

Intervention on spot (usually less than 20 mn) and direct personal assistance (e.g. 1st aid, firefighting, mediation with 3rd parties, safeguard procedure)

Transport in case of emergency to any required location (e.g. hospital, police),depending on circumstances and medical conditions permitting to do so



Mobilisation and coordination of public emergency services (e.g. hospitalambulance, police, fire brigade)

Roads condition surveys and liaison with traffic-related authorities.

Mobile Patrol & Response Teams (MPRTs) are stationed within  determined areas of responsibility

(Downtown, Giza, Zamalek, Maadi 6th of October/Sheikh Zayed, the Pyramids and New Cairo), and soon also in Heliopolis.
MPRTs are coordinated from the Operations Control Centre (OCC) based in Eagles Services headquarters.
Patrollers speak English and are trained in handling hostile behaviour and safety procedures.