Eagles Services


Eagles Services

Eagles Services is a part of the Eagles Network which brings together Eagles Services and Eagles Security. The Network will be soon complemented by several qualified companies in armoured vehicle rental & maintenance, as well as in business & leisure travel coordination.

International Compliance

The Eagles Network protects and assists international, governmental and private organizations as well as their staff members across the majority of their respective activities in Egypt.
Eagles Services, as a member of Eagles Network, is the preferred partner and vendor of Eagles Security in the domain of emergency assistance and quality control.
Eagles Network, together with its partners and affiliates, currently employs over 1,600 people to provide a large scope of security and safety services tailored to its clients’ respective profiles and needs.


In order to attain the best international standards in the industry, Eagles Services will initiate the necessary procedures to receive ISO 9001 and ISO 28000 certifications.
Simultaneously, Eagles Security will aim to obtain the PSC-1, ISO 18788 and ISO 9001. Eagles Security will also re-join the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA)
Both companies will also sign the Charter of the UN Global Compact.