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About Eagles Egypt


Eagles Egypt

Eagles Egypt brings together Eagles Security and Eagles Services. Our main strength is driven from the fusion of these two entities. Thanks to our local “know how” and the international standards, we are constantly putting forward, and we are proud to say that we always seek for excellence.

To offer our clients premium quality services, we are always up to date with the most innovative and last security and safety trends. Our staff on the ground and in our headquarters is the most qualified and trustful, making us able to offer our clients the best worry-free and safe experience in Egypt.

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Eagles Security was established in 2009, holding the first security license issued by the Ministry of Interior of Egypt in 2017.

In 2018, Eagles security was credentialed by International SOS – Control Risks and listed in its Global Assistance Network in Egypt.

In 2015, Eagles Egypt joined the International Code of Conduct and listed as an affiliate member.

ICoCA Affiliate

Eagles Security was born from our willpower to always maintain a 24/7 safe environment regardless the potential hazards and risks our clients might face.

We pursued this passion through our persistence to offer premium quality security services powered by the knowledge and the proficiency of our staff who are precisely chosen according to the highest standards.

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Eagles Services was established in 2017, to make our clients feel safe in every aspect and under any circumstances, as their safety is our utmost priority.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services tailored to suit each client’s needs and delivered through experts of each service category.

We also strive to develop by keeping up with the ongoing trends and willing to foster new solutions as long as they will be beneficial to our clients and will meet their needs.